Connecting the typical with the atypical through empathy, awareness and acceptance.

When our Managing Director Saba Mohsin, was gifted with a child with autism; she went through a completely transformational journey in which she moved to USA to look for the best possible treatment for her child. Travelling from state to state and even living out of her car to get her kid to school and therapy. She then enrolled herself in college and pursued Autism Studies, where she convinced her professor to give her Psilocybin; a medicine which is known to have “Autistic-like” effects which helped her get closer to understanding how her child sees the world. She always says that this journey with her child has taught her six important life lessons; and these six lessons help form the base of InspirEducation, The Bridge School’s core values.

In order to give the right education to children with special needs, the teachers, therapists and caregivers must possess the following six qualities:

1) Tolerance

The capacity to endure and tolerate difference in opinion, beliefs, or troubling conditions without any adverse reaction. Whenever you embark upon a journey to change the way people generally do things, there’s bound to be backlash. So one’s got to learn to develop a thicker skin and how to keep on going!

2) Advocacy

Doing actions to support the causes you believe in, which in this case, is the right to education for children with special needs.

3) Persistence

To keep on going resolutely and even stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity and waning. Consistency is key!

4) Patience

To be steadfast and calm in the face of opposition or difficulty. Being patient and tolerant is the key to working with children with unique abilities.

5) Adventure

To have the spirit for taking calculated risks, to be open to new and remarkable experiences.

6) Self-reliance

To depend only on yourself, your own efforts and your own abilities!